Why Are Fancy Cut Diamonds Cheaper Than Round Brilliants?

Hi there, I have a totally newbie question to ask. Why are fancy cut diamonds so much cheaper than the round diamonds? I did my research and found that prices could be twice as cheap for a fancy shape like pear or oval when compared to the round brilliant cut stones. Hope you can shed some light on this. (more…)

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When Would I Notice Size Differences in Carat Weights?

What carat size should I choose? Would I be able to notice a difference between 2 diamonds that are 0.3 mm apart? When would I start noticing size differences physically with diamonds from various carat weight brackets?

layout of different types of diamond shapes

If you are one of the people with these questions in mind, don’t worry, it’s very common. I get asked these questions frequently via emails and decided to create this blog post to answer them.

First things first, let’s address why people ask these questions. The underlying reason is always related to cost and when we are talking about thousands of dollars, I’m sure everybody wants to make a purchase that offers best value for money. (more…)

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I Dropped My Diamond And I See a Line (Crack) Now!

Question: Help! I dropped my diamond ring on the floor recently and when I checked it for damages, I noticed there’s a line in the entire horizontal plane of the diamond which wasn’t there before. It seems like the entire diamond has cracked in the body and it looks very severe. What should I do now?

Cindy  (more…)

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Is Buying a Diamond at Bluenile a Good Idea?

buying a diamond at blue nile

Questions About Blue Nile Selections

Hi Paul,

I read your guide on diamond buying and first want to thank you for your help.  I found the guide very informative and helped me narrow down my diamonds.

I did have a question on buying a lower grade color diamond with strong fluro.  Will it look similar to a higher grade color with no fluro?

Here are the diamonds I’m considering:  (more…)

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What is a Feather Inclusion And Is It Cause for Worry?

what is a feather inclusion

Feathers In a Diamond?

Answer: A feather is basically a soft word for a crack in the diamond. Usually, feathers in diamonds will take on a whitish or translucent appearance (Imagine a hairline crack within the crystalline structure of the stone). However, they can and do exist in other forms of coloration like black or brown.

Out of all the types of inclusions and flaws a diamond can have, feathers are the ones you probably need to take special note of.

You see, while it is true that diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth, they are still susceptible to chipping and cleaving when a force is applied in the correct direction along its crystalline plane.  (more…)

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