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How Well Do You See And Diamond Color Differences?

Let’s do something fun in today’s blog post.

I often get asked questions like “Do you think a H color in a diamond is good enough?” , “What is the general consensus on buying diamonds in the colorless range?”, “Does the general public perceive color or hues in diamonds easily”?

internal reflections and dispersion of light

Multi-Colored Flashes of Light Within Diamond

It all boils down to one thing: How well do you see colors? In diamond grading, the differences between 1 grade is usually minute and it takes a trained eye to immediately discern between 2 diamonds. For example, if we compare 2 well cut diamonds of G and H side by side with similar carat sizes, I can tell you that 90% of the people can’t tell a difference in the face up view.  (more…)

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Online Diamond Buying Guide Looks Ahead to 2013

It’s been a great year in 2012 where had been launched. Since inception, we had helped tons of people around the world purchase their dream diamond rings at a fraction of retail prices. This will be one of the last few posts for the year before we take a quick break to enjoy the holidays with family members.  (more…)

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We Are In The News!

We are proud to announce that was mentioned in Yahoo! news on the 24th of September 2012. In the coming months, we have tons of content and tutorials on buying diamonds scheduled for publication. More specifically, we had recently completed an entirely new section on Hearts And Arrows diamonds(more…)

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The Trend of Future Diamond Pricings

future diamond pricing trends

Will Diamonds Become More Expensive?

There are a few recurring debates related to the pricing of diamonds and I want to address them in this article. First of all, the main influence on the pricing mechanism of diamonds is obviously the Rapaport Diamond Report.

However, there are a number of other factors that affect diamond prices and the speculation of current prices – and these are going to be with us in the future too.

Let us take a look at the major topics that are relevant to how the diamond market is going to evolve and the trends we would expect to see in near future. (more…)

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Newly Installed Blog For Interactivity

blogging on diamonds

We Keep You Updated…

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new blog for On the blog, we will be focusing on stuff like reader interactions, latest industry news, article updates and exclusive diamond deals. (more…)

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