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Buying Diamond Jewelry in the Chinese Market

Here’s my advice for people who intend to shop for a proposal ring in Hong Kong.

Did you know that the average carat size of a proposal ring in Hong Kong lie within the range of 0.50 carats to 0.70 carats? Don’t be fooled by the huge 3 carats or large stones that are often displayed in the windows.

These are stuff the mega rich Chinese buy and are usually way above the budget of the general shopper. If you actually walk into the store for browsing, there are often decent selections of smaller sized diamonds.  (more…)

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Is Hong Kong a Great Place to Buy Diamonds?

This is part 2 of my GIA training cum holidaying experience in Hong Kong which took place in the early months of 2013. During my off-days, I managed to visit a number of local jewelry stores to check out prices and experience diamond shopping for myself.

Here’s my general opinion about buying a diamond in Hong Kong. Like anywhere else in the world, you would expect to be hassled and experience pressure selling once you walk into a store.

More importantly, most jewelers and salespeople are clueless about cut. Don’t even think about having any meaningful discussions on proportions or in-depth cut details with the local jewelers. All they could do at best, is to point to a GIA or IGI report and generalize triple excellent ratings as being the pinnacle of ideal cuts.  (more…)

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The “Leopard” Diamond – A Collector’s Potential Aqquisition

Leopards and diamonds? What has a big predatory cat got to do with diamonds? Nope, we are not talking about Cartier and their recent marketing campaigns. While doing a search on the behalf of one of our readers, I came across something really interesting at James Allen today.

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big cat
leopard skin diamond


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My GIA Graduate Diamonds Program Experience

It’s been a while since the blog was updated. As you can see, much has happened at since the last post in January. I was kept busy in revamping the website for a new face lift for the earlier part of this year. And during the month of February, I flew over to Hong Kong to complete a lab grading module for GIA’s diamond graduate program.

While I was in Hong Kong, I took the liberty to explore major retail areas and experience jewelry shopping in this emerging Chinese market. Besides attending the GIA course, my other objective was to pay a visit to my older brother who had been based there for work.  (more…)

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How Well Do You See And Diamond Color Differences?

Let’s do something fun in today’s blog post.

I often get asked questions like “Do you think a H color in a diamond is good enough?” , “What is the general consensus on buying diamonds in the colorless range?”, “Does the general public perceive color or hues in diamonds easily”?

internal reflections and dispersion of light

Multi-Colored Flashes of Light Within Diamond

It all boils down to one thing: How well do you see colors? In diamond grading, the differences between 1 grade is usually minute and it takes a trained eye to immediately discern between 2 diamonds. For example, if we compare 2 well cut diamonds of G and H side by side with similar carat sizes, I can tell you that 90% of the people can’t tell a difference in the face up view.  (more…)

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