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Need Your Help – $6000 Budget for Anniversary Gift

$6000 anniversary gift  to remember an important date

Remembering An Important Date


First of all I want to commend you for creating this wonderful website. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to most other online sites regurgitating the same information without any real insights.

My name is Tony and I am looking for a diamond ring for my 10th anniversary. Over the past week, I had been researching online at various places but the amount of information is overwhelming.

Just by reading the amount of conflicting information and advice offered by people on forums can really get you floored. Needless to say, the experience so far is really frustrating. After all, isn’t buying a gift for someone an experience that should be enjoyable? (more…)

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Helping a Fellow Singaporean Buy an E-Ring Over the Internet

buying diamond ring online

Problems in Making Online Transactions?


I came across your experience with buying from B2Cjewels through PayPal. May I know if you encounter any problems with confirming your address and the transaction process?

Currently, I just ordered a diamond ring from them (paying through paypal) but they mentioned that they have difficulty in accepting the transaction because my address is unconfirmed, and so the transaction is only partially eligible.  (more…)

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