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Searching For a 0.90 Carat Diamond, SI Clarity With A Budget Of Around $5,000

5000 dollar budget diamondHi Paul,

Thanks for the great site. I have read pretty much every page of your website and it has given me the confidence to buy a diamond online.

Now, I have a question on how to go about selecting a SI1 diamond with amazing sparkle. My budget is about $4800 without the setting. I want to stay at a G or better in color and I want the diamond to have an excellent cut.

What exactly should I look for in the blown up video and image? When I look at the following list of diamonds, they all are SI1s but look dramatically different in how their arrows appear. Should I request other images for them?

I really just care about it being eye clean.

Thanks so much!
Ashish Patel (more…)

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An Awesome Engagement Ring For a $2000 Budget

We all know that weddings can be very expensive. The crunch on money is felt more so by young couples who had just joined the workforce and starting to build a new life together. One of the most substantial dollar investments that usually goes into a wedding is the engagement ring.

If you had been doing a bit of research yourself and shopped around a little for the perfect proposal ring, you would probably realize that they don’t come cheap. When it comes to buying diamonds, the old adage of “you get what you paid” really boils true. Seeking decent quality rings without breaking the bank can be a daunting process for someone who is new to the buying process. (more…)

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