Valentine’s Day Diamond Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day 2014 is just a couple of days away and this is the time of the year where many people look for symbolic gifts for their loved ones. In a recent survey done by the National Retail Federation, it is estimated that the average consumer spends around $133.91 and close to nineteen percent of consumers buy jewelry for the occasion. The NRF estimates that people in the United States alone spend a whopping $3.5 billion dollars on V-day jewelry!

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Thanks to De Beers, diamonds have become the symbolic representations of love and desire. If you happen to fall into the 19% group of people and you need suggestions or ideas for diamond jewelry, this is an article you definitely need to read.

What’s The Most Popular And What Are People Searching For?

Broadly speaking, there are literally hundreds of diamond jewelry types in the market. I know most people get stumped when faced with such a huge variety of choices but thanks to data from Yahoo’s search engine, I have compiled a top 4 list of diamond jewelry that people are actually searching for online.

yahoo search data

Search Data From Yahoo!

#1 – A Set of Gorgeous Diamond Earrings

Yahoo! Search reported a surge (370% increase!) in online searches related to diamond earrings. Personally, I am not surprised that earrings showed up #1 for the most popular jewelry search. After all, earrings are one of the most versatile forms of jewelry that women love. Just like shoes, most women need more than a set of earrings to match different outfits and it is very unlikely any design you choose would go seriously wrong.

Also, speaking from a male gemologist’s perspective, earrings are much more affordable pieces of diamond jewelry simply because the 4Cs criteria do not need to be as strict as diamonds found in engagement rings. For example, you could easily choose diamonds with lower clarity grades like SI1SI2 or lower colors like G, H or I and they would still look the same to the naked eye compared to higher grade diamonds simply because the viewing distance for earrings are much further than those for rings. That’s great news for guys because you don’t need to spend more on features that your eyes cannot appreciate.

My recommendation is to check out for their unique 360 degrees view of their products and the affordable prices they offer.

6 prongs setting front
scalloped back view stalk
side view of make

Surprise your loved one with a carefully selected pair of diamond earrings.

#2 – Chocolate Diamonds

On a day where flowers, chocolates and jewelry are given to loved ones, what better way to present your gift than in the form of a chocolate (brown) diamond. Le Vian Corp is the owner of the trademarked term “Chocolate Diamond” in which many of us associate with when talking about brown diamonds.

Did you know that the popularity of brown diamonds weren’t always this high in the past? Brown diamonds had become more and more popular in recent years only due to increased awareness and marketing ad campaigns.

chocolate diamonds

Click here to see a full list of brown diamonds for all kinds of sizes and budget.

#3 – Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Compared to the traditional round brilliant cut, the princess cut diamond has a square shaped appearance to portray a touch of elegance and classiness. Its popularity for uses in engagement rings had been increasing over the years due to the wave of celebrity trend setters and also because of the sparkle princess cuts can exhibit.

dangling ring on rose

 Read this section of our website to get more information on selecting princess cuts.

#4 – Vintage Styled Engagement Rings

Fashion taste and styles are constantly changing and evolving with time. Vintage engagement ring designs have seen a resurgence in popularity and really speak to people who love the unique charms and appeal of retro designs.

tacori dantela
verragio retro

You might want to heck out some of the best vintage designer rings from Tacori and Verragio.

I hoped this article had helped you generate some ideas for a potential Valentine Day’s present. Feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment if you need to consult my advice or require a 2nd opinion on your selections.

If you have other great ideas for a present, please share them with us by leaving a comment. With that, I wish you all the best and a romantic Feb 14th you and your loved one will never forget.

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