Tom Fletcher’s Innovative Wedding “Speech”

Wait… What has Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech got to do with diamonds? For those of you people who had been reading my blog, you might not have known that I play a lot of guitar and even had a band back then. Well, I guess most people might not be able to link a rock guitar player with a diamond geek.

Anyway, back when I was still in the band, we played a lot of rock styled music and one of our band member was a fan of McFly. Needless to say, we shared our music influences with each other and I was also introduced to some very catchy tunes.

Tom Fletcher wedding speech

What Better Way to Do Your Wedding Speech Than This?

So, what has that got to do with diamonds? Well, actually nothing. This happens to be a fun post to share with you what McFly’s lead singer, Tom Fletcher, did on his wedding day. Obviously (pun intended), Tom had to get out of the norm and used his creative talents to create a memorable speech. This quickly went viral on Youtube. I thought it would be great to share this video since the majority of our readers visit this site to buy an engagement ring.

Check Out The Video Here…



Personally, I find that it’s super nice and touching. For guys who had just bought the perfect diamond ring, maybe this video would inspire you to get innovative on your wedding day. Good luck!

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