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Problems in Making Online Transactions?


I came across your experience with buying from B2Cjewels through PayPal. May I know if you encounter any problems with confirming your address and the transaction process?

Currently, I just ordered a diamond ring from them (paying through paypal) but they mentioned that they have difficulty in accepting the transaction because my address is unconfirmed, and so the transaction is only partially eligible. 

I read online about it but it just states that they don’t confirm most addresses outside of US, UK or Canada. Just wondering if you had the same problem when you paid through PayPal and how did you overcome it.


Hello Irene,

Thanks for your email.  I am assuming that B2CJewels is the one who has difficulty in accepting the transaction.

Online vendors are usually more careful when it comes to paypal transactions especially for big transactions. In fact, the majority of reputable online diamond vendors do this as they want to avoid fraud and being scammed by overseas buyers. Believe it or not, they are just as concerned as you are about buying/selling online.

For my case, B2CJewels had to confirm my identity as well as my location. They requested me to send in a photocopy/photo of my identity. What I did was to scan a copy of my identification and scan a copy of a current credit card bill with my name and address on it (Of course, you should blank out the sensitive data with paint or whatever editing software). The delivery address matched the data I supplied.  This should provide sufficient proof that you are a real person to them.

After that was done, payment was officially accepted by them.

You might want to check in with B2CJewels to see what documents they need to get your address ‘confirmed’.

Hope this helps and feel free to clarify anything else.


Hello Paul,

Thank you for your help. I managed to have a successful transaction with them because of you and I will be receiving my heart cut diamond very soon. I am also residing in Singapore and I would like to ask you if you had to pay the Goods Service Tax (GST) upon delivery or after? Does the FedEx personnel collect it or we will have to pay for it separately?


Hi irene,

You are welcome. It’s great to be helping a fellow Singaporean out.

courier services for parcels

Safe And Secure Overnight Delivery

B2CJewels uses Fedex to deliver their parcels securely. All you need to do now is to wait for them to turn up with the parcel.  For overseas delivery to Singapore, you will get your parcel first as Fedex will pay for your GST on your behalf to expedite delivery.

Usually, after 2-3 weeks of receiving your parcel, Fedex will then send you the invoice via snail mail and bill you for the GST that they had paid earlier.

Thereafter, simply follow the payment procedures stated in the invoice.


Hi Paul,

The diamond turned out to be very sparkling and good in real life. I cannot stop looking at it. I had it verified by Nanyang Gemological Lab and the person gave a better (E color, VVS range, also because the inclusion is obscured by a prong) but nonetheless, the results were rather close grading for my ring. I actually chanced upon your website while looking out for heart shaped diamonds.

This is the diamond I bought from B2CJewels:

Anyway, I have attached a picture of my ring.  Thank you so much for the education about diamonds on the website, it has been most helpful. :)

e-ring irene

Sweet Looking Heart Cut Diamond


Hi Irene,

Great. You definitely have great taste in the design. : P

Thanks for taking time to write back to let me know how things went.

Best regards,

B2CJewels is a huge minefield for consumers because you are buying blind. Instead, I recommend shopping at because you get to enjoy better customer service and you can view 360˚ videos of loose diamonds upclose.

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  1. Tan Si Wei-
    August 11, 2012 at 8:21 am


    Are there any places in Singapore that sells heart shaped diamonds? I am not really comfortable in buying online and would rather pay more to get something of high quality.


  2. admin-
    August 12, 2012 at 10:58 am

    Hi Si Wei,

    I do know of some local jewelers that sell heart shaped diamonds. The variety that they offer is very limited though. In terms of quality, I don’t think that local stores will provide you with better stuff than what you can find online.

    I left you a private email with details places that I had checked out in my experience.

    These are basically the places that I had been to.


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