How to Design Your Own Engagement Rings

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Customizing Your Diamond Rings

Perhaps you’re someone who is very picky about selecting jewelry. Or maybe, you are looking for a truly unique proposal ring for a loved one. Whatever the reason might be, you don’t have to be daunted by the idea of designing your own engagement ring.

You see, selecting your own engagement ring design ensures you get exactly what you want and something that fits your own style.

Now, most people think that it will cost you an arm and leg just to get something custom made. The truth is, all you need to know is how to shop smartly and have a budget in mind.

Let me run through the process and give you some handy tips you can use while shopping…

What Are The Most Basic Options Available?

The jewelry market has a wide range of ring designs which can be readily placed on the finger of your chosen one in seconds. These pre-set products make the entire selection process easier if you can’t spare the time to pour through other options. Unless you have some fancy idea you want to realize; pre-set engagement rings might make a very compelling fit for you.

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What Are The Key Factors to Designing Your Own Ring?

We can break down the entire process to 3 compulsory steps: choosing the diamond, choosing the setting and choosing the setting material.

You can begin the process by choosing the main feature stone of the ring first and then, select an appropriate setting to match the diamond – this is typically how most people do it. You can also start the other way around: select a great looking setting and then find a diamond which matches the setting.

When it comes to selecting the material for a setting, the range of available choices is somewhat limited. The most popular choices for engagement rings are white gold and platinum. On the other hand, there are a minority of people who may prefer yellow gold and rose gold for personal reasons.

Help! There’s Too Many Settings to Choose From!

The task of choosing a setting will be made easier once you answer these questions:

Do you want a simple, solitaire setting or a three-stone setting?
Do you want an entire range of different gemstones on your ring featured as sidestones?
What type of character does the recipient has?
What type of diamond shape are you buying?
Do you intend to wear the engagement ring together with a wedding band?

To further narrow the possibilities, you have to decide if you want the ring to focus on beauty or practicality.

Is An Online Distributor Too Risky Or Is It a Good Idea?

buying jewelry online is the trend

Online Shopping for Rings is a Rising Trend

Even though your local jewelry store might have the advantage of letting you touch and see what you are buying, you might not want a wiseacre whispering in your ears throughout the entire shopping process.

If that is the case, online jewelry distributors have developed spectacular customization tools that can make the design process a joyful game and fun process.

If you feel some level of skepticism towards such online services, that’s normal – however, you need to realize that the major online vendors had been around for at least a decade and had been used by tens of thousands of people. There is no reason not to trust them.

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