Q&A: Is Buying a Diamond Ring Online Safe?

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Buying a Loose Diamond Online?

Here’s a very recent email from one of our readers…

Hey there, I just saw your website describing your experience in purchasing that beautiful heart-cut diamond ring :) – it’s really beautiful! (especially when the diamond shows of a brilliant glimmer)

I’m also shopping for a heart-shaped diamond, as I’m planning to propose to my girlfriend of 4 years.

Just want to ask your opinion on whether b2cjewels is really legit? – are they the real thing???????????

I’m pretty worried at the moment as the diamond that I am looking for, would cost approximately $2800-$3500 – that’s a pretty big transaction! I’ve read on your website that most of these jewelers would prefer wire transfer, which adds up to my dilemma, since I’ll be transacting a lump sum of cash to someone which I have never met oversea (I’m from Malaysia actually).

What if they run off with my money without giving me the goods? Or send me the wrong diamond, or they send it via fedex, but apparently, someone inside fedex stole the diamond and sealed the bag up nicely and deliver it as usual…

So, your entire transaction with b2cjewels went great/smoothly without any hiccups?

Hope to hear from you soon,


Thanks for your email and congrats in making the decision to propose. : )

Please see answers in below.

B2C Jewels is really legit. As you can see from my own personal experience, I also had the same dilemma as you when I was shopping for diamonds online. But after careful shopping and analyzing, yes, they are real and I saved about $3000 off instead of buying it in malls from Singapore.

The good thing here is that diamond rings are always delivered in a fully insured shipping. A ring around $3k USD will cost you about $100USD in shipping! When the package is fully insured, the shippers don’t fool around. It’s the same for other stuff in real life business. A brick and mortar shop ships in goods like clothing, bags supplies and etc. A single shipment can have a goods value of more than $10k easily and they don’t get tampered with when they are insured.

Online jewelers will NOT swap/send the wrong diamond. They have nothing to gain from it. A bad review or a complaint in BBB will cause a loss in reputation which incurs greater losses for them. You will get the diamond as mentioned in the cert. If you want a peace of mind, get a 2nd opinion about the diamond after receiving it ( I was a skeptic as well ). Bring the ring to a local gem appraiser and have him/her look at it.

It will measure up. If you still don’t like what you see, send it back to them for a refund. They will honor it. But my advice for you is to do it once, do it well. If you did proper research before buying a heart shaped diamond ring, you won’t have to worry about sending it back.

So, your entire transaction with b2cjewels went great/smoothly without any hiccups?

No hiccups at all. In fact, I was really silly not to buy the wedding band together with the ring. I would assume you are a Chinese based on your surname. In my customary, we have to buy wedding bands and I didn’t think of it when I bought the proposal ring. So, a month later, I had to make another purchase from B2C Jewels for a matching band.

I ended up paying for another round of Fedex shipment which cost me an additional $60 USD.

So, I had 2 successful shipments with no hiccups so far.

six prong diamond engagement ring

6 Prongs White Gold Solitaire

Hi there Paul! Didn’t think you’d reply so fast! Really appreciate it, and your email is a real confidence booster – I’m also looking at some of the other links that you have included on your email.

Sorry to bother you further, but I’m just curious on something – how long did it take to complete your first transaction (the one which you bought your proposal ring). Meaning from the first email inquiry, right up to paying for the transaction?

Thank you in advance Paul! :)

Excluding the prior research on choosing diamonds (took me about 3-4 weeks of online research / books reading), it took me about 2 days after first contact with B2CJewels to make the purchase. Most online jewellers have a live chat system where you can check in with them with regards to any questions you have. Alternatively, you might want to give them a phone call. You will probably be able to get immediate answers to any enquiries.

In my case, paying for the transaction was immediate as I have a paypal account and B2CJewels was kind enough to allow me to use it. Most jewelers understand that a customer might need more time to head down to the bank to make a transfer and would usually extend the hold on a diamond for you once you confirm your interest in it. Of course, if you have access to internet banking, that would be immediate as well.

Before you make any money transfer, you want to double check again that the diamond is available. Online diamonds fly off the shelves very quickly, especially the better ones.


If you are looking for a safe and reliable online vendor to buy your diamond ring from, I highly recommend JamesAllen.com. Besides a huge inventory of GIA certified diamonds, their cutting edge 360˚ video technology allows you to see exactly what you will get.

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