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We are pleased to announce the launch of a new blog for On the blog, we will be focusing on stuff like reader interactions, latest industry news, article updates and exclusive diamond deals.

The primary goal is to answer queries from our readers and provide an interactive platform so that everybody can learn from each other.

Since we receive quite a number of emails from readers on similar topics, we figured it would be best to share the answers via a blog post so that more people would benefit from it.

It would also provide a good reference for web surfers who are searching for answers to a specific diamond related question they have.

The second goal of the blog is to publish industry news and highlight any special promotions that vendors may have from time to time. Depending on how busy my schedule gets, I might also do write ups and handpick some nice diamonds every week. Keep a look out for those posts especially if you are currently shopping for a diamond.

Depending on the market’s demand and availability, we would have different themes for the diamond of the week. For example, if we find an awesome deal online, we will post an analysis of the diamond to show you our insights to that particular stone.

If there’s any particular aspect of engagement ring shopping you want us to cover, drop us an email and I’ll be happy to offer my advice.


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