Excellent Very Good Good Fair/Poor
Table % 57% – 62% 55% – 63% 53% – 64% Outside Ranges
Depth % 58% – 64% 56% – 67.5% 54% – 69% Outside Ranges
Polish/Symmetry Excellent – Very Good Good Outside Ranges
Length to Width 1.45 – 1.55 1.40 – 1.60 1.35 – 1.65 Outside Ranges
Girdle Thickness Thin – Thick V. Thin – Very Thick Outside Ranges
Culet Size None Very Small Small Outside Ranges

* Note: The table proportions for pear shaped diamonds should be used as a reference only. The girdles of fancy cut diamonds are either polished or faceted since no bruting process can be used during polishing. Generally speaking, girdled for fancy shapes like pears and hearts should be thicker near the tip as they are vulnerable spots for damage.

Length to Width Ratio For Pear Cuts

Like any other type of fancy cuts, pears can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Here is a quick reference to the length to width ratio of different values to help you visualize the appearance of the diamond. Personally, I favor stones with a l/w ratio that lies between 1.40-1.50 as I find that chubbier pears do look better than the thin “malnourished” stones.

length to width ratio of pear cut diamonds

Outlines of Pear Shape Diamonds You Need to Be Aware Of

Like other fancy cut diamonds, the grading report doesn’t contain sufficient information for you to make a purchase. While physical measurements of the stone are given, the lab report doesn’t tell you exactly how the diamond looks like. This is where photographs or videos of the diamonds play a critical role. The following video images were captured from James Allen to help you visualize outlines with real world examples.

Squatty Looking Stone With Overweight Appearance

squatty looking pear diamond

Overly Elongated Pear Diamond That Looks Unnatural

elongated pear shaped diamond

Squared Pear Diamond Shoulders With Boxy Look

squared pear diamond shoulders

Ideally Cut Outline That You Should Look Out For In Pears

ideal proportions for pear shaped diamond

In the following page, we will discuss some of the common problems faced in finding a reliable vendor who can offer you constructive advice in buying that perfect stone. Check out who we would recommend and learn how to correctly shop for fancy shaped diamonds…

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