Consumer Guidance – A Cut Above Diamond Purchase

As many of my readers already know, I’m a huge fan of White Flash because of their transparent business practices and their strict adherence to providing quality jewelry. Previously, I did an indepth write up on their diamonds and gotten quite a huge amount of feedback from interested readers.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you what you can expect to receive in your FedEx delivery parcel when you purchase an “A Cut Above” diamond from

h vs2 super ideal hearts and arrows aca

For the purpose of testing White Flash’s inventory system, I bought this diamond at a wire price of $879.79.


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ASET Reference Charts For Diamonds

In an effort to help you better understand what to look out for in an ASET image, I had compiled some images of diamonds with various levels of optical performances. Feel free to make comparisons of your diamond’s ASET against those listed below and you’ll quickly find out how well it returns light.

If you are buying online, vendors like Enchanted Diamonds, White Flash and Brian Gavin are all great places to start your shopping as they provide indepth information about their listings. On top of that, you also get a massive selection of AGS and GIA graded diamonds for you to cherry pick from. (more…)

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Top 10 Most Popular Places to Propose in the USA

A marriage proposal is one of the most memorable moment of anyone’s life. I know most women dream of getting proposed in a romantic backdrop and to be swept of their feet by their loved one. On the other hand, I also know most men face difficulties at the first hurdle in finding the right diamond ring (that’s why Beyond4Cs was created).

This one’s for the guys. So, what happens after you bought the ring? How do you choose the right moment and location for popping the question? If you are clueless on how and where to propose, perhaps some our handpicked locations in the States might help get your creative juices flowing. (more…)

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Should I Get An Engagement Ring In Dubai Or Antwerp?

Antwerp is well known as the city of diamonds while Dubai is known as the city of gold. Both are famous cities in the world where the rich flock to purchase exquisite jewelry pieces. If you are hunting for a engagement ring, where is the ideal place to do your shopping? This was the question that one of our readers posed to us.

dubai city

Hi Paul, I found your online guide a very useful read. Great work! I am in the market for an engagement ring and wanted to gauge your thoughts on whether it is best to buy one in Dubai or Antwerp? I currently live in London and will be in Dubai for a holiday till end of this week. Are there any particular stores that you would recommend? (more…)

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Valentine’s Day Diamond Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day 2014 is just a couple of days away and this is the time of the year where many people look for symbolic gifts for their loved ones. In a recent survey done by the National Retail Federation, it is estimated that the average consumer spends around $133.91 and close to nineteen percent of consumers buy jewelry for the occasion. The NRF estimates that people in the United States alone spend a whopping $3.5 billion dollars on V-day jewelry!

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Thanks to De Beers, diamonds have become the symbolic representations of love and desire. If you happen to fall into the 19% group of people and you need suggestions or ideas for diamond jewelry, this is an article you definitely need to read. (more…)

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